Questioning Love 1


Questioning Love (1)

Questioning Love 1

Can love cleanse hate 
From the hearts 
Of the bitter and twisted 

Diving deep 
Into the heaving swell 
Of meanness and negation 

Before surfacing 
With a gasp for air 
And a rush of elation

Which fades
As the cowardly faces
Bob out of the water

Mumbling profanities
Salt stinging their eyes.
Still, love steadies herself
For another dive

Is this the point of being alive?
Does love know best

When to give in
To the current within
And flow to
Its inevitable end

Its power petering out
In shingle and sand?

Can love set you free
From the vicious hurt
That erodes society’s
Soft underbelly of sandstone
And sends rocks of despair
Tumbling into the roiling sea

Love looks down
From her home perched precariously
On the edge of a crumbling cliff
And laughs nervously

Should love set your heart free
Whatever the danger might be?
Like a giant wave
Curling around surfers
Who burst into being
In a tunnel of refracted light

Is the future of love bright?

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