Since I disagreed with her I could not tell

The Reimann sum of the nether hell
For the flower of the lotus tree asked me to lie
And I had to shed a teardrop occult cry
Let me surf on my meridian lines and harness the Chi
As far as the Cryptonomicon eye can safely see
There is a reality superior to this
Fire and brimstone and British bliss

A Druidic sacrifice at the Stonehenge dawn
A black cat walking across a fresh cut verte lawn
Give me twelve acupuncture needles and stick them in my hand
I will read from the Bible and see the lay of the land
Give me thirty silver pieces and I will recoil
For into the dust I will go as I come from the black soil
For the elemental function of life is pain
The Alchemy of the Tarot is no less sane

…than the Quantum fluctuations of the meön
Crossed with a gravity bending tachyon
Time does not stand still for any of us mere mortals
Each day we pass through countless irreversible portals
The mind once stretched cannot recoil back
To think is to be a pathfinder on a game’s track
They will tell you that the map is the territory
Here is the scripture, learn it by heart, there is only one story

The Koran, the Torah, the Analects and the Homeric cycle
I have in one hand the holy Bible and in the other a motorcycle
Zen and the Art and the Maintenance
I don’t advocate to sit on any agnostic fence
I don’t propose any Terra Incognita unsolved equation
I am not a preacher, my ministry is sensation
Truth is beautiful, I value her for her purity
My duty is to her more fundamental than mere vanity

I am fascinated by the octeract and hyperbolic space
This is the salvation of the human race
It is the soul that weighs most heavily on my mind
Jesus Christ stands beside his cross, and I stand behind
Look there comes Buddha, and now he has gone again
I wait for the return of the holy monsoons, I pray to the rain
There is but one God, and Mohammad is his prophet
But I am not a follower of either Einstein or Lenin, I have met…

…the path of truth in the free flowing of my meridian Chi
A long time ago when I first learned how to see
I stood upon a high rock so very near the sky
That I could almost touch the stars when I heard a butterfly
It landed on my upturned palm to catch its breath
I did not breathe myself, for fear of imminent death
And when the kaleidoscopic creature took flight once more
Then I heard the opening and the closing of the door

Is all that we see or seem to be…
The wars we fight, the money we claim to have, the angry Tsunami
That takes away our homes and lives, leaving behind this
A pathetic attempt at instructions to reach bliss?
Or is all this, this world so conspired
But a veil of shadows, an illusion so very tired?
The manifold of connected topological completeness
Is but a closed subset of a compact, an exponential map, it is less…

…than the sum of what we all are
A holistic statement that truth is ever dormant, and far
The rice has steamed, the Chi is satiated and alive
The devil has made his hoof mark on the mind of the human hive
I take a pill, the red one and go down the rabbit hole
I am not a number, I am not even a good Pole
There are Americans who wish the world to remake
But I wish to swim naked with the Lady of the Lake

Give me Excalibur and let me converse with Merlin and Lancelot
Give me a quest worthy of the future not this tired ancient lot
There is a cosmos out there to conquer and colonize
Instead, we fight over scripture and legalisms, like excremental flies
Discard all of this, we have spent it to the finish line
The oneness is as fatigued as is the holy trine
The world is exhausted, the debates are all passé
I will have some fine Merlot and a cracker with duck pâté

Neither witchcraft nor science will save us now from ourselves
We are doomed to fade away like Tolkien’s Elves
This is the end of our age, a new age is upon us
Love one another, get on the big blue bus
Love yourselves, and maybe the ideology will conform
Maybe we can all survive the coming storm
The door is opening once again for all mankind
I am stepping through, come with me… don’t lag behind.

March 30, 2011 – Konrad Tademar

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