Proverbial Wisdom


Proverbial Wisdom

Proverbial wisdom

Do pants excite ants? 
Do bees have nice knees? 
Does a donkey hide its hind leg 
when the farmer’s shooting the breeze

Is an old dog a wise sod
or just too tired to please
when new tricks are in the offing?

Was the bull in the china shop
originally intent on shopping?
Or was he in a rage
having stood too long in the queue?
Charging towards the counter, bellowing:
is this the best you can do?

Was it a mistake
or did the horse have a point to make
refusing to drink after being ridden to a lake?

Later the horseman was certainly too drunk to notice
that the mare was no longer there when the stable door was bolted
Then he tripped over the corpse of a curious cat
killed with a hoof’s metallic thwack

And so we stumble over life’s questions
bumping into the odd answer
until like the cat we’re dead and that’s that!

Would it not be wonderful if a cow really could jump over the moon?

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  1. Avatar of Joyce White
    Joyce White says

    I love this piece of work. I especially enjoy the questioning of realities. The only way to progress is to ask

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