Proud – holding

her child’s hand.
Proud – when
wealthy women
turned away…
Proud – of who
she is and where
she has been –

Clinging to her
child – her
dead son –
she would not
let him go –
her feet kept
beating back
and forth, her
rocker moved.

She lowers her eye’s
pour down her face…
still proud – of
her child –
she holds.

  1. Avatar of Andrew Sacks
    Andrew Sacks says

    Thank you, Nancy, for the always sensitive and perceptive work.

  2. Avatar of Nancy Denofio
    Nancy Denofio says

    A true story, it happened when my dad was three, and it is a scene in the novel I am writing. I thank you so much for your words. Sincerely, Nancy

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