Promises Made


Promises Made
Though the darkness of sin may grow,
and the weight of the world bear down.
A brilliant light will always show,
and lift me from the ground.

Though I may stumble and fall,
on the path to waking light.
The lord will pull me from my crawl,
and guide me through the night.

Though I may give way to desire,
and sin against his name.
He will fight off the raging fire,
and love me all the same.

Though salvation is never free,
and there is always a cross to bear.
Jesus holds it with me,
through grace, love, and care.

Though some may wish me pain,
and friends fade with time.
Forever he shall remain,
his side standing by mine.

Though one day my days will cease,
and my soul ascend to his throne.
In his kingdom I’ll be at peace,
by his side I’ll be at home.

  1. Patty says

    Chandler, I am so proud of you! What a great poem! I have a very talented grandson!

  2. Peggy McDaniel says

    Hello Chandler: I love this so much, Thank you for sharing. How’s everything going with school and church ? I love and miss you, Hope to see you this summer.

  3. Jami cameron says

    Absolutely amazing!!!! More please!

  4. Jeannie Barber says

    Chandler, how awesome! You’re published now and I’m very proud of you. Your writing vision has matured so much. Also, to see the depth you speak of regarding God’s light and love blesses my heart! CONGRATULATIONS! Keep up the fabulous work!

  5. Melissa Oney says

    Chan, this was beautiful! So proud of my nephew! Love you!!

  6. donna says

    chandler this a great poem im glad to see u are still doin this u have a great gift u always did, keep writing, its wonderful

  7. Cameron_95 says

    I greatly appreciate all the support and encouragement recieved from friends, family, and even just the random reader. I find all comments very enriching and hope to hear more feedback. Thanks once again

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