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Prettiest of Lies

Prettiest of Lies
For my mother Marian Griggs, with love (March 2, 1948-October 14, 2013)

Prettiest of Lies

She took things ordinary and mundane
and spun them into magic
into a land of whimsy and mist.

The helicopters searching the night sky
were shining their lights
looking for flying teddy bears, of course.

Brand new towns
only run north and
never south, didn’t you know?

The sun shines yellow and warm from up above
because it isn’t rutabaga stuck down in the ground,

you silly girl!

A toy bear with a missing eye had been loved to death
and all of the stuffed creatures that still had both
were sure to be jealous of him!

A princess in Italy eats spaghetti
with two towels, one around her hair and one
over her shirt; it’s the greatest mark of royalty!

If you look really hard
you could spot a moose or a mountain goat,
those things are everywhere!

World wars could be ended if
everyone would just be quiet and look out of their
own windows.

Special things smell like

In singing happiness is
all that counts.

Green is the best color of all
if you think it is.

If God expected everyone to color
inside of the lines all of the time
then He wouldn’t have invented any lines at all.

She always told the prettiest of lies
they always made the most
perfect sense to me.

I still believe in her world,
sometimes ever so much more vividly
than I believe in mine.

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