The Hot Wind Of Powhatan County


Powhatan County

The Hot Wind Of Powhatan County

Preternaturally inspired by a single question mark from Powhatan County, Virginia,
and the beautiful hot women who live there

At this early hour, to add I have nothing more
I will step outside of myself shatter any frame
The time is ripe for an unlocked door
May whoever chooses to slip in, speak softly my name.

The shades are drawn, dawn has yet to soar
A bed is no place to have any shame
And as long as the darkness holds sway, I shan’t be a bore
Time enough for the day to make me tame.

The bed is hard, the pillow soft, the sheets cool
I am not a child, the heat rises, and the lips slip
Readiness is a state of mind, eagerness a useful tool
What hand softly caresses my nether nature’s tip?

Is the moon down, do the stars still up in the sky rule?
A sensation is something to be cherished, like a quip
A long ardent kiss is a man’s gift and a woman’s fuel
I hear soft rustle of satin, whose flesh so softly does strip?

Dreamers light up the dawn with tales of the fire within
No howling stops my heart, only your embrace
I cannot see, for lust has clouded my sight, liberated my sin
As I smother with my lips each corner of your face

Feel the force of my own submission, how you wish to pin
My fingers hastily grab hold of the discarded lace
My mind flooded with guilt and pleasure as I let you in
I gasp as I surrender and then to a crescendo we race…

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