Power Failure


Power Failure

Power Failure

Democracy hasn’t been a big success. 
Since Athens empowered the demos 
Its role has been peripheral at best. 
Ending often in corruption and chaos. 

One person, one vote’ sounds fair enough.
As does: ‘elections are for the people’
But humans turn into hogs at a trough.
When fighting over power’s pigswill.

Most politicians are liars and cheats.
With hardly any compunction or shame
While voters are like children given sweets
A sugar rush disabling the brain.

The misbegotten views from the street
Are putty in the hands of strategists
Slogans by an educated elite
Prey on the emotions of the powerless.

Breeding cynicism, apathy, hate
The system survives on false promises,
The more good government it creates
The more it eventually demolishes.

Americans are proud to have a say.
In the most powerful democracy
But guns and property really hold sway.
While wealth accrues to a plutocracy.

This pattern appears wherever you look.
With leaders overstaying their welcome
It is almost like they’ve read the same book.
On how to trick voters and fleece them.

So, is this really the best we can do?
Are we predisposed to greed in power?
A human reflex designed to eschew
Integrity, decency, and honour.

The many brave souls who died for the cause
would turn in their graves if they could hear
The reasons why a party is endorsed
Driven by prejudice, ignorance, fear.

But what’s the point of this rhyming lampoon
Besides a letting-off-steam catharsis
That pumps hot air into Shaw’s balloon
Waving bye-bye to Kallipolis.

  1. Avatar of Joyce White
    Joyce White says

    Enjoy your poetry, and so true. Even today, we are fighting for the soul of Democracy in Georgia by-election of newly chosen Senators. The first black man was just elected Senator of Georgia today. He is also a pastor. Does it matter that he is a Democrat? I agree with your line, the system surviving on false promises.” Let’s hope falsehoods no longer drive or contaminate our governing Congress. If you don’t believe in God, believe in the universe, that needs love and replenishing, with proper Climate Control and Covid Vaccine management. Happy New Year’s all.

  2. Avatar of Mark Fuller
    Mark Fuller says

    Dear Joyce,
    Thank you again for your interest in my work.

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