Postcard with Insomnia


postcard, Postcard with Insomnia
I’ve forgotten a word on my lips

while I was sliding into the sleep

the dream had no titles

I was no human any more

A leaf lounging on a lake

pushed by a paddle in a mad dance…

Freeze the frame!

the kid is howling into the night

the heart is jumping out of the chest…

she only wants to drink water…

I’m spinning into a mad dance

with thousands of whispers

the sleep is left on the lake

I human again sliding into the night


  1. postcard, Postcard with Insomnia
    Andrew J. Sacks says

    Good title and good post! Thank you.

  2. postcard, Postcard with Insomnia
    iulia gherghei says

    Thank you, Andrew J. Sacks!

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