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Portrait of Pitiful

She’s been one with him and loved him

Seems like all of her life,
But to hear the words and feel the pain
That wounds her spirit like a knife,

She’s not perfect, she makes mistakes,
She’s caused anger and strife
She’s worthless and useless and a terrible wife.

So young and naive, though she thought otherwise
She felt worldly and smart, but her life she despised.
This boy came along and took her by surprise,
But who knew though the years, he’d force tears from her eyes.

No outward marks; to others, their world is great
“How wonderful,” they think.
“You have a life-long, loving mate.”

But if they only knew
His contempt for her and hate
Of his life he feels she’s ruined
Misery seals their fate.

Lazy, boring woman
What good are you to him?
Stupid idiot, use your head,
How can you be so dim?

Mopey, depressive victim
Are you doing “that” again?
We’ve stretched this train wreck
Seems like a thousand years,
We should have called it quits at ten.

Her heart breaks to hear those words
But, sadly, it’s nothing new
How can she love him at all?
This marriage, he wants to bid adieu.

He wants an existing life without her
And there’s nothing she can do
It takes two to cause the problems,
But he says, “It’s not me, it’s you”.

She still longs for his attention,
After all these years
Even with a broken heart
And his words that cause her fears.

What can she do? Nothing
Her words fall on deaf ears
This man, her love;
For her-he no longer cares.

So, broken lady, pitiful woman
You’ve never known how to be a wife
You haven’t tried hard enough
You’ve brought him down
He no longer wants you in his life….

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