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Poor in Spirit

Poor in Spirit - poverty-in-the-US

The peripheral deciphering caters
to the whims of the poor.
The derelict constantly cling to
society’s outstretched arms;
falling into the cracks of
care and concern. The poor
continually shape the future.
The fallen brothers and sisters
constantly looked upon as numbers.
The defecating blight as viewed by
the world is in constant upheaval.
Money and power systematically
covers the globe. The world
spirals out of control without
empathy or emotion. The poor and
destitute make up an increasing number.
Whether alcoholic or homeless or on drugs
or starving or without water they
represent a life-line of human beings
forgotten and left to die. Each of us
has a choice to make this a priority
to choose life for these human beings
otherwise left to die in the world.

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