Poetry Should Not Be Segregated


Poetry Should Not Be Segregated

Poetry Should Not Be Segregated

Poetry should not
Be segregated yet
Integrated interrelated indifferent
Of race creed color
No one defines
Poetic lines and
We write to
Inspire and be
Joined and one
One nation under
God we did…

Overcome we did
Overcome and segregation
Remains only in
Minds of the
People who feel
That we are
Not united so
Bring your ink

No matter what
The color let
Us blend the
World together in
Stripes rainbows perfection
Race defines us
No more and if
It does to
You clear a board

Erase the time
And stay in
Tune with what
Is divine that
We overcame overcome
Over brought and have
Overdone and we all
Now are united

As one rainbow
Of colors under
Gods perfect skies
Unite the poetry
Races do not
Choose to segregate
Because of color
Of skin king
Reigned and we
Begin have begun
A new era

In time where
Race and creed
No longer take
Over we take
Over together binding
As a nation
Together all colors
Of skin are
Welcome in poetic
Thought so bring
Your paper and
All you’re colorful
Pens and sit
Within the beauty
Of inks colors
And love all
Of the inks colors.

  1. Avatar of Nyla Alisia
    Nyla Alisia says

    Love the message here!

  2. Avatar of Nancy Denofio
    Nancy Denofio says

    Yes Meg and Nyla, Poetry is from the heart, and whose heart doesn’t matter. The more Universal the clearer the heart of the poet. Best to you both. nancy

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