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Roses for Life

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Roses for Life
roses1 Roses for Life
Red once when showered, 
were an alarm,
ringing louder, in color, 
texture and its aromatic form,
passion pristine once paddled, 
now is almost gone,

Peach pastels,
permeate my pensive presence,
pulling me once again to be adorned,
garlanded to grace my neck,
surrounding, around my arms
pressing against my palms,

white, wait,
to sooth me, settle me in a calm,
silence, serene, whispers in a white soft tones
speaking of the beloved in a softest note,
white rose to bring me peace
before I go, before I am bequeathed,
in your fragrant balm,


all my life you have raised me in your ringing resonance,
in every dusk you have bloomed,

 to smother me till dawn!!
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