Perversion, Perversion

Angelic eyes crushed and deprived
Solemn sadness you suddenly realized
Cloaked in ebony, donned in white
Torched to ashes, blazenly bright

For in tomorrow, a spell’s to be spoke
And in my deep sorrow I cast off this cloak
A sore to your insight ~ gutted and raw
Encumbering entrails ~ exposure you saw

Faultlessly failing, forgiveness denied
My rags of filth bloodied, though I’m in disguise
A keeper of lies, deception’s deep brooding
A hundred year oak, swiftly uprooting

Magic and mystery were my undoing
You lured me in gently, my doubts refuting
Given to madness, at times as of late
This mindless entrapment ensues such debate

An argument lost with the best of myself
A priceless persona, a gluttonous wealth
Witty and charming, pretty at best
My tone is alarming, though I’ve passed the test

Years of lamenting, deafly fragmenting
Looming lethargy, listly dementing
Faith marked in symbols, signs of the cross
And I’m in repentance ~ whatever the cost

It is my true nature ~ a floundering fate
I fear your advances are an insatiable taste
Crucified carnage fed off my soul
For in this damnation, you are made whole

I slither and slink to the depths of my hell
You leave me as nothing ~ a cast away shell
Though in your refusal, your hasty retreat
You failed to take notice of my simple feat

A baggage of bones and tendrils of tragedy
Whispers of wanting that once had damaged me
Fostering follies, a fevered embrace
Purity packaged, as if I were chaste

Absently discarded in your manic escape
Is my forged identity that once was at stake
A cruel joke teetering on the brink of despair
I’m still the monster, but you’ve left my lair.

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