Per Althea


My world is a dark velvety oyster

Hiding me warmly, inwardly, introvertly…


There is a pearl there which bears all the reasons one can summon for the simple human existence

You are my existence:

What would I be without you?

What would I be without my shiny, mystical pearl?

I would be Pia and Sylvia… I would be that velvety darkness

Hidden, non-existent willingly

I would be a word without syllables

A poetess without a pain

A hero without a story, a wonderer without any road to travel


How can I let you go happily, freely?

How can I know what the reason tells?

What is the reason in this warm, mystical oyster?

Close your eyes and breathe.

Breathe next to me and hold my hand.



Let me touch your hair, as dark and moist as a dark moist moon I had painted on the canvas of my motherhood

On the canvas of my selfishness



When you go I will close my oyster tight

You’ll take your light with you, you’ll take my light with you


Go and shine!

Go and shine my beautiful, rare pearl.

Sydney 18 November 2011

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  1. Avatar of Virginia Bordoux
    Virginia Bordoux says

    Subtle, profound, motherly… I love it!

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