Pen vs Gun


Pen vs Gun

Pen vs Gun

They Proposed the choice
Gun that fights
Or Pen that writes
I elected Pen, for I had the voice

“Pen is mightier than the sword”
Now the adage seems too old
“Penmen” they call “boring” and “gunmen” too bold
Don’t they Comment stupidly odd

Gun Promotes violence,
Sorrow and anguish
Gun needs selfish
There dies semblance

Pen, the taleteller of wisdom
Softly penetrates into minds
Showers perception to blinds
Therefore is the soldier behind freedom

“Pen” the creative one
That crafts words for peace of all
And protects the nation from enormous fall
That can solely Fight Thousands of guns

Gets no wage for broadcasting peace
And Gun bags medals for butchery
Yet Pen reveals truth faces custody
Nothing but writings they can cease

All their policies one day will freeze
Tell them to reject the gun
And make Pen the ultimate weapon
“Live peace and feel ease”

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