Pathetic Time


He believes that his middle name is the time.

He lives at the time.
He worships the time then gets angry at the time.
He has his own time.

He blames the time for it doesn’t go like what he expected.
He gets arrogant for he thinks he has much more time than others.
He has his own time.

That time flatters him because he stands up for itself.
He talks about it to everyone he knows.
He laughs and pouts at their times.
He forgets that everyone has their own times.

That time really hates him for he hurts itself.
He wastes it, he wants to kill it.
He gets jealous with their times.
He steals another time, he never gets enough with his own.
He forgets that everything has its own time.

Well…. What about to turn back in time, to make it faster, to stop it just for a second?
Or do you want to try to sell it, to buy it, to lend and borrow it?
Can you my dear?
Then what about to use it, to realize that it’s just a gift for you – not your creation?
Can’t you my dear?

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  1. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    I have to admit time is a special world for me, and I should strengthen that word ands demand more use of it. Well I agree with you, turning back time, has many memoiries to furnish and process our future. Your writing here can be taken in different ways, as you noticed with my note – yet time is filled with brief encounters. Keep up the great work, Nancy

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