Parting Glass

Parting Glass
The abused and homeless

Parting Glass

Joan’s oldest child
assaulted with
a meat cleaver,
talk about knives

Mary Beth, her son
hung himself, and
Joes plastered day
and night

Ann is kicked from
time to time,
dragged by her roots
swept across the floor

Agnes picks up
all the broken glass –
while Mama shakes
between an open door

Randy, aborts a child
who sucks its thumb,
moved outside to stare
inside a cardboard box

next to her shopping cart,
a child’s crib –
yesterday’s love
swept down open drains

Tomorrow, in the oven…
a love child
Mama’s heartbreak,
Papa’s dishrag.

The hand that cuts a
cord… slowly kills a
child.  A life, a mere parting
glass of dreams…

  1. Avatar of Meg Collins
    Meg Collins says


    This piece of writing was incredibly intense in its imagery and brought tears to my eyes, as so many children go abused without reporting it and so many families are homeless at this time. This is an incredible work of art, Nancy!

    Sincerely, Meg Collins

  2. Avatar of Cynthia Metcalf Miller
    Cynthia Metcalf Miller says

    Nancy, I really loved this piece. It is such a shame that so many children have to suffer this way. It is commendable that you attacked such a hidden subject. Your writing was right on point. I got all the visuals. Cynthia

  3. Avatar of NancyDenofio
    NancyDenofio says

    I am pleased to have shared this subject with so many It seems as if so many tough subjects are ignored. Coming up is an explanation as we see the world from different points of view though our words. I thank you both and appreciate your time. Sincerely Nancy

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