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One Tear of Amaterasu

One Tear of Amaterasu
For Japan in her hour of pain…

One Tear of Amaterasu

Oh great august spirit who shines up in heaven
I know your heart, I know it aches for our losses
Though we are but trivial drops in time, only men
Fragile on this earth, true existence is not this

Oh, most radiant beauty born of the left eye…
…of mighty Izanagi, give us but one tear…
…today, we will cherish it as the Divine “why”
In answer to the calamity and pain… sheer

Unknown are the motives of the Kami and ilk
One day we breathe, turn our glad faces to the sun
As blades of grass or cherry blossom petals, silk…
…is the tapestry of life and with peace is one

The next moment, death and destruction, wakens all
All good and mighty Amaterasu, your eye…
…is wet, I make my hands a cup… for the pearl shall…
…fall, let me catch the flash of love when you deign cry

Pain makes all prayer true, love all tears precious gold
I do not ask for mercy, only patient aim
To turn my angry struggle to life’s rebirth bold
And accept the truth that life and death are the same.

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