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One Miracle

Alzheimer’s Free: Imagine That!

Imagine finding a cure for this dreaded illness. Imagine not having to worry that my family will have to deal with this ever again. Imagine if one doctor somewhere in the world took the time to actually find a medication to stop the deterioration of the plague in your brain when this dreaded illness just begins. Imagine a world where no one has to ever worry about living with this ever again. I can only imagine it. Because it is so far in the future and if it is close by no one is really saying anything to help those who have it now and are in the last stages. So, here are my words and I hope that somehow God will hear them and know that the world is waiting for one more miracle and we hope that it happens soon.

Just one more miracle is all I asked of you
Just one more time to speak with my mom like I used to do
One more time to tell her about my day
One more time to talk to her in our special way

Just one more miracle to find a cure you see
One more miracle not just for me but also for others who need hope to be
Like they were before working and living their lives so true
Hoping that their minds will be restored and life like you and me

But, I know that it is a dream that I wished for so long
It hurts to see my mom and others who are no longer strong
Someday I hope that the world will hear their voices
When there are medications of which they will have choices

To restore what has happened to their memories and minds
To restore who they were with these miracle cures and finds
That no will ever have to grieve for a loved one who has been hit
With Alzheimer’s disease, which destroys you, bit by bit.

Just one more miracle I know you can do if for everyone you see
Just one more miracle not just for me but also for others who will be
Joyous and grateful if you can do this for all of us
Joyous and grateful and for you we will truly fuss

Never taking it for granted if you find a way to show
That Alzheimer’s is out and clear minds are what we will only know.

I pray every day for a cure for this disease. I wish that just one more time I could have a real conversation with my mom and tell her all of the things that I have accomplished since she became ill. I have no one to share all of my accomplishments with the way did with her. To anyone who has had to deal with this dreaded disease I wish the same for you. JUST ONE MORE MIRACLE!

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