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Ode to The Bed

Ode to The Bed

Ode to The Bed

In bed is a great place to be
listening to the sound of rain
on the windowpane or the
susurrations of the sea.

Still warm from a deep hot bath
cocooned in crisp cotton sheets
your body and soul coalesce
creating a wave of inner peace.

The bed is the log in a solid sleep
withstanding nightmare screams
the bedrock of your day to be
the backbone of your dreams.

When things get too much for you
in life’s emotional arena
the bed is always there for you
as bolthole and midnight healer.

Bearing the weight of love and lust
the pillow talk producing tears
it creates an aura of trust
defusing anxieties and fears.

The bed facilitates your beginning
as it often frames your end
supporting you throughout your life
more steadfast than any other friend.

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