My Ode to Poetry



My Ode to Poetry
The language I speak
That sets my soul free
I place together
Adjectives, nouns, and verbs
To personify my soul’s voice
My pallet of colors
Painted, sometimes coarse
Charting through territory
Sometimes getting lost
Hot, like magma in my chest
Sometimes I think it best
To let them out
The multitudes of sound
Playing sweet melodies
To be painted across pages
Counsel to the Sages
The beat, contagious
My words fill pages and pages
Still not enough words
Are there to spill
Paper enough to fill
The millions of FEELINGS
Wrapped inside this
Technicolor-ed dream
Surreal it may seem
But this ALL somehow
Is the key to my BEING
My salvation
My freeing
I cannot forget
Love with no regret
Hell,I am supposed
To do that
No strings attached
Struggled for balance
Found my clarity
In ink
Sincere when I speak
My fruit made ripen
By experience
I am so damn serious
Bout’ what I do
It is my DUTY
To SHINE through
Letting my light shine
Flying higher
Transcending past limits set
On myself
Knowing-ness is my breath
I have been left
With this truth
So this is what I do
To right the wrongs
Predisposed to seek out
My mind finds it necessary
No ending to this all
Only beginnings
As poetry pours forth
From my being
I am grateful for my friend
This is my Ode to Poetry

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