Obama and Congress


Obama and Congress - we-the-people

When we the People look at you, we hope to be seen.

When we the People, listen to you, we hope to be also heard.

While we know President Obama goes from black to white to black again, Congress goes from zombies to do-gooders to zombies again, sometimes forgetting they were born to serve the greater good.

Of course, only two classes matter, the Haves and Have-Nots; while we wait in fear of election day, we’re mentally caged in restraint.

I hope the new President when elected, will pay his opportunities forward, and not let Congress become a human chain, to keep us down and out; we want to believe in the power of individual votes, but will the killing ever stop?

Are those running for office praying for peace, love, and family? Will women stop being shadows bent on surviving? Instead of being beaten and abused, will we ever overcome?

  1. Avatar of andrewjsacks
    andrewjsacks says

    President Obama goes from black to white to black again? I have no idea what that means–but I do know that Republicans in Congress have opposed him in every way since he first got elected. THAT is what is blocking things.

  2. Avatar of Joyce White
    Joyce White says

    Hi Andrew, I just meant that President Obama is like a chameleon, his color doesn’t matter. He has been a President of character and value for all of us no matter what our color or race. I agree the Republicans are serving none of us by opposing him.

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