A Thank You Note To The Founding Fathers…


I thank you fore-fathers for fighting for our rights

For sharpening the steel of your swords to shed blood
For loading barrels of your guns, setting the sights
For dipping quill in the inkwell of Liberty’s God

For you stood your ground, for truth, freedom and honor
I thank you for the bill of rights you left behind
That we should live as free men who dare yet to soar
Even if the chaos of our times is unkind

I thank you Jefferson, Washington and Adams
I thank you Franklin, Madison, Hamilton, Jay
That we are not yet fooled like the mindless meek lambs
But are bold eagles, hunting in the light of day

Thank you, founding fathers of these United States
Seven key men who the shadows of Rome foresaw
Thank you for your foresight, knowing man’s petty traits
And writing the keys to our freedom into law.

January 21, 2011 – Konrad Tademar

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  2. Dave says

    Wow… We all need to read this!

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