The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli 1781

The night encloses,
Darkness floods the skies.
Time for slumber arrives,
But my mind is still buzzing.

Reminiscence floats above my thoughts,
It takes an old, journeyed path.
One where there were trials,
And yet more I cannot share.

A figure appears, faceless;
Though I am aware of who it is,
You may not know him.
I pass him, unspoken words between us,
Then he is gone,
A flash of emotion!
Alone I am again, 
Darkness all-consuming.
How could this happen,
Who am I now?
A ghost?

Phew… only that of a dream.
Calmness returns, the memory just that.
Though slumber is of the past,
My future is brighter than a reminiscent.

I look around this room,
Cold and shivering.
His ghost, beguiling,
His soul, intact,
passes over me once again.

I close my eyes,
Frightened and unmoving; petrified!
Once my eyes snap open,
The creature is banished.

I am as confused as my words,
My feelings in a crow’s nest.
Slumber, deep slumber, is, forever,
But that of a reminiscent!

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