My World


My World

My World

My world consists of four walls, a floor, and a roof.
I don’t leave my world often due to fear of the known and unknown.
My world doesn’t consist of mingling with people, over a nice cup of tea or coffee.
It does consist though of hearing how my husband went at work, how my son went at school.

When I leave my world it is normally to go to the Doctor’s, sometimes and these are rare occasions I visit my in-laws but not often.
My world doesn’t consist of clocks but by when my dogs run to the front door, letting me know that my menfolk are home.
I don’t even live my life by a clock, I have no set bedtime, no set wake time.
My world consists of chatting on the net, of writing stories, and reading.

The outside world looks beautiful, be it during the day or night.
I am learning to judge how long before the gray clouds will bring the rain, or when the crimson red and burnt oranges will turn to the velvety blackness or pale blue skies, with white marshmallow clouds or a dull gloomy gray.

In my world, I can hear the chirping and cooing of the birds in the trees, the dogs barking at one another in the street as they pass the local gossip along.
My world may seem odd to you but in my world nothing can harm me, it’s controllable, it’s safe.
This is my world and I like it.

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