My Whirring Brain

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Whirring Brain

My Whirring Brain

Wouldn’t it be disconcerting
If we could hear the brain whirring
Under the strain of its functionality.

Or more than a little frightening
To see neurons firing like lightening
In the darkness of a cranial cavity.

Imagine then the shock and horror
Of waking up to a world without colour
As objects lose light’s frequency.

Indeed all we see is part fantasy
With the brain filling gaps in reality
Timing split-second changes perfectly.

This could all be a computer simulation
Though you’ll never get confirmation
Locked in a prison of digital dexterity.

Like a juggler with a stack of plates
The brain hardly ever makes mistakes
Showing mind-boggling speed and accuracy.

Getting smaller, the brain may have had its day
Artificial intelligence now holds sway
And evolution moves beyond corporality.

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