My Mom: Ruth


My mom’s life was not about money, vacations or expensive cars.
She did not need diamonds, furs or high-end furniture or to live in a mansion although she deserved all those things and much more.
She always said that she was the richest mother and woman on this earth because she had the most wonderful and devoted family.
All she ever wanted was her family to come and visit her, call her and eat her famous brisket and chicken on the holidays. Devoted to my dad, Doc, children, her parents and every family member she never forgot and made sure we didn’t forget every birthday, anniversary or special occasion that warranted a gift of a card.
If someone needed help no matter the cost, time or sacrifice to herself- she was always there.
Everyone was equal and everyone counted.

Dear Mom: You were more precious than the rarest diamond. You were my voice growing up and I was proud to be yours while you were ill.
She Left Us March 7, 2011 – This is for you: A Special Poem in Your Memory

Mother’s have special qualities making each one unique
Listener, adviser, consultant so to speak

When things get tough and problems arise for you
The solutions are always found in the wisdom of a mom how very true

Problem solver, taxi driver, chauffeur, bookkeeper, and coordinator was our mom Ruth
The force behind our success: if you want to know the honest truth

Planning each day, outlined and scheduled every minute you see
Mapping out a blueprint for success for my sister, brother and me

Organizer, leader, facilitator, PTA President and much more
Commanding respect from all that knew her when she walked through the door

Mother, arbitrator, best friend, grandmother, confidant, lawyer, and accountant for all
Whether the job was small or large you just had to give our Ruthie a call

Activity planner, sister, great-grandmother, you see
Wearing different hats to help everyone especially my sister, brother and me

Career guidance counselor, business director, and decision maker for my dad and the three of us
When Ruth decided what you should do with your life
You listened and followed without any fuss

A Ph.D. in being a mom she certainly did surely earn
All the courses in college could not teach anyone what she had already learned

From piano lessons to violin, dancing, ice-skating, bowling lesson she gave all of us
Recitals, Hebrew and let’s not forget my debut in Rockefeller Center

Where I have my famous fall
Always there to dry our tears

Ally our fears and listen to our complaints and woes
Ruth Swerdloff was a mom who far surpassed anyone that I would ever know

Every move we made was choreographed, directed and created by our mom to make us the best we could be
Landing my Dad at 19 years old was her greatest coup you see
For all that you did for us, I am proud to say on this sad day

Mom: You made us strong, kind, understanding like you in every way

Life’s journey has ended and a new one begins wherever you are
Know that we will all meet again and that you are never that far

So, mom as Dad would say every time he wrote you a special rhyme
Dear Ruthie, Mom, Riffy, Rifkam we will all love you Till the Very End of Time.

Fran Keith and Marcia( my precious sister who passed on July 86h 2010) all everyone here
we love you forever and as Dad would say and I repeat: Till the Very End Of Time.

You were my strength and my light growing up and I will hear your voice and carry you in my heart now and forever.
Taking care of you for the past 10 years was my pleasure never a burden. I will always love you mom, Riffy: Our Ruthie


  1. Avatar of Tammy Tappan
    Tammy Tappan says

    Aunt Frani!
    Wow! Beautiful! So True! You are the greatest aunt anyone could ever ask for! Your beautiful inside and out, and a writer at heart! We love you so much and are so honered to have aunt as amazing as you! grandma Ruth and mom(Marcia) are smiling down from heaven so proud of you! Congratulations on your success, and we love you with all our hearts and are so proud to have an aunt as special and good as you are:)

    Loving you Always!

    Your Proud Nieces and Nephews and Great nieces and nephews:)

    Jason, Tammy, Jamie, Rob, Casey, Dani, Carly and Kati, and Cademan:) oxoxo
    We love you! oxox

  2. Avatar of Fran
    Fran says

    I am so proud to have Jason and Tammy as my niece and nephew and my Casey, Dani , Carly and Kati and of course my Cademan. Thank you for your special note to remind me that my family really does care. Love you guys too. Aunt Frani
    Hope to see everyone here soon.

  3. Avatar of Fran Lewis
    Fran Lewis says

    To my Jamie and Rob I miss you guys too and love what you all wrote to me. I will continue to write more about my mom, my sister and of course everything else that will make people smile when they read my poems and stories. Love you guys tons aunt frani

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