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My Crimson Pain

My Crimson Pain - the joy

The essence and the depth of my love
Conditioned by the shine in your eyes,
Mellow, maroon and gold

I see my borrowed soul resting in its source
Mellow, gold and giving
Like a pregnant pomegranate
Red, maroon and gold
With a thousand giving, living hearts

Just like your laughter
It rings a thousand bells
I see Christ’s face when your
Laughter rings bells in my house of subtle pain
Mellow pain,
Gold and crimson

Autumn is nearing
My heart is fearing
The ringing would be taken away
Far away

To replace the dull bells of the tallest towers
In the Swiss Alps
Majestic and generous
Golden and maroon,
Red and crimson
Just like your laughter
Just like my pain.

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