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The Taskmaster and A flowing trine

Your cosmic intensity, in communicating change makes you feel,
Is it you’re a cream puff, discover the truth.
Discover the truth. You’ll be able to see right past the red herrings,
Listen to good news is that that low-key energy is perfect for observation

You need to show off your perceptive side,
Make your own big decision for today research will,
Yes the applying these skills to you ’al personal mystery,
The mystery has everyone else scratching their heads today.

The responsibility is yours fill it with passion from inside.
No detours change the entire course of a relationship.
Yes applying these skills to a personally in life.
Share life’s energy in you low-key energy.

A face-to-face conversation to your perceptive side,
See right past the red herrings closed door, make a big decision.
With a pad and paper or your favorite planning appointment book.,
Develop and detail your strategy.

It’s time to let bygones be bygones and focus on your future!
Poetry can be the Social Media from you heart if you allow it to be!

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  1. Avatar of Walter Reed
    Walter Reed says

    Thank You for Publishing Taskmaster and A flowing trine for me. Walter Reed

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