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Move Me Slowly

Smoke and mirrors instigate this
impressionable and naive as it seems
moments and pulses, sighs and moans
the softness of light in between

Move me slowly, turn the tide
pushing me endlessly toward the edge
a grip, a nudge, one well-placed bite
a fountain in firey and ardent unrest

Kiss me deeply, steal my breath
fool me, tease me, close my eyes
lay long near me as day bows out
and shadows ink the skies

Move me steadily, with heat seared lips
run your hands in a forward rush
skim my hollows and thrusting arcs
I am the canvas and you, the brush

Sheets tangled, pillows strewn
the floor, the couch, the wall
pleasure rolls in wave after wave
lusty and loud we call

Move me there, in rhythmic flow
focused in wordless breathy gasps
soaked and stained with sweat and flesh
in a euphoric explosion of the mighty orgasmic crash

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