Mountain Snapshot


Mountain Snapshot

Mountain Snapshot

On the top edge of my iPad 
a mountain sits in monumental stillness, 
as if motion was frozen at its core, 
and would remain so forevermore.

Taking a picture suddenly
becomes a serious business:

My snapshot instinct stalls
before this geological Buddha
robed in granite grey,
unflinching since its very beginning
in the cold light of day.

At the bottom of the screen
I see my toes flexing
their tiny history,
dwarfed by 300 million years of the earth’s throes,
subdued to strata, the mountain’s mega load.

Is this the past’s most reliable witness?

What upheavals are still to come?
Will its rock-of-ages silence be
shattered by a meteoric thump?
Or a nuclear war waged by
Donald Trump?

Some prophets say
the next mass extinction
is already on its way,
the sixth in 500 million years
and the first to be man-made.

With such magnitude
there is little hope for
mice or men
mountains, on the other hand,
will probably still be there
when the whole process
begins or ends again.

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  1. Avatar of Joyce White
    Joyce White says

    I’m afraid you are right about the extinction going on now. Was it manmade? This is a big question. As long as there are people who don’t like themselves, and others, there will be no future for the rest of us. Great poem. Sad but true. Mother Nature will survive and the animals are taking over. Kind of like Planet of the Apes movie. Pray, wear masks, get rid of The Fish rotting at the top, of our government. I’m embarrassed, mortified and it’s hard to have hope.

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