mother, Mother
Mother, I want to once again
sleep with my head
in your lap..
And I need you
to caress my hair
with your fondling hands.

I know that I have
out grown your lap,
But once again
do hold me against your bosom
And place a gentle kiss
on my forehead,
as if I were
still a child !

Call me like you called me then,
protect me and pamper me
Mother, I know I’m grown today,
Yet the child in me
Comes alive with frozen tears..
Every time I am scared,
Your lap is my little haven !!

  1. mother, Mother
    Nancy Denofio says

    So short, so honest and so real. It reminds me so much of my work and life, and I appreciated it so. Sincerely, Nancy

  2. mother, Mother
    Dr Sonica Krishan says

    Many thanks Nancy..

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