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Morning First Light

Morning First Light

Morning First Light

Morning first light draws in near
Night time’s shadows, disappear
The dance amongst the stars will end
Time spent, with my long lost friend

Flitting, flirting, loving & learning
With our hearts, still, aching & yearning
Precious moments, our souls are together
Physically, maybe, never or forever

Awakened, I can only, dream of you
Sleeping, we are, one, not we two
Your heart, still, disguised to me
Your arms, won’t, embrace me

Your eyes, won’t, look upon me
Your hands, won’t touch me
You, still remain, lost to me
No words, do I hear, from you

To say that, you, Love me too
It’s like, I don’t exist, by day
Only, at night, with me, you stay
So, I wait, until evening, calls again

As, into dream state, I drift & then
Leaving my being, I’m free to fly
To meet with you, way up high
Joined once more, with your soul

A part of you, feeling loved, I’m whole
As, around the stars, once more, we dance
Flitting & flirting, our Love will enhance
Like, shooting stars, we fly to the moon

But, morning first light, comes too soon
My heart aches, still, darkness won’t end
Until, I find, my long lost, true friend

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