On the 146th anniversary of the death of Chief Black Kettle (Mo’ohtavetoo’o) and his wife at the Battle of Washita River on November 27, 1868


I have not got two hearts – unless you count my wife’s—
-heart when it beats next to mine… she lies next to me
But if I told you that it beats no more, our lives—
-would you count her also among warriors born free?

My shame is as big as the earth – for peace I came—
-but left in war, left the job undone, failed and died
But if I told you my soul yet hovers like fame—
-over the battlefield, would you trust that I tried?

We have come with our eyes shut – and that is childish
For the world is full of angry men who breathe greed
But if I told you that it helps none to kill fish
So that your enemy starve – would it plant a seed?

We have been travelling through a cloud. – and I speak—
-from beyond the grave, across the great night, to stop
But if I told you that you won’t listen, for weak—
-minds can’t grasp peace – would you let me harvest the crop?

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