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Mom Of Many

Mom Of Many

Mom Of Many

There is no count
Of the lives of the children, she’s touched.
Her love hasn’t any boundaries.
She never considered their plights that of misery.

She herself has suffered so,
With a great many things faced.
Never does she seem downtrodden or low,
So sad it will be when she goes.

Her function here is without fear.
Striving evermore,
She has never kept score.
I believe before she leaves,
HE will tally that score
With each child’s life, she has made complete.

If she’s faint of heart—it never shows.
Mention her children and she glows.
Having the largest heart,
The biggest part
Being the role she plays.

She prays that her time for each child is never to end.
If it is so, hope only to have it begin again.
Child after child after child,
She makes their lives whole.
When she’s gone
There’ll be many a large, empty hole.

This poem was written about a lovely woman who is surely bound for sainthood if she hasn’t already achieved it. She has adopted a huge, lovely family whilst going through a few medical hardships of her own.

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