Mind in a Time Bottle


Mind in a Time Bottle

Mind in a Time Bottle

I ponder today
on how she
did it, raised
us both on
her own.

help? She had
family that put
money in her
drawers. I will
never forget the
time she could
not afford to
pay for tuition
and all of
a sudden ten
grand appeared in
a drawer the
very next day.

I wonder if
she had regrets
there was another
woman she traveled
far to be
sure we both
had a Father.

She put her
needs aside for
the sake of
us, moved to
the state they
lived in put
her feelings aside
until we grew
up fallen never
she was always
upright, happy, joyous
loving and free
worked hard every
day she knew
God was near;
had no fear.

Prayed every single
day for His
will and not
her own; my
dear Mother she
did it all
but she was
never ever alone.

I see myself
following so closely
in her footsteps
today as I
watched my little
girl fall asleep
in my arms
today. Did I
sacrifice enough? Is
there much more
to do? Who
do I turn
to for advice
counsel as I
am a single
Mother now too.

“I know you
will be fine.
You are just
like your Mother.”
The kindest words
I have yet
to hear coming
from my Godfather.
Pondering today on
all the love
and sacrifices Mother
made and the
same is true
in my life
I stand exactly
in Mother’s footsteps
today yet my
drawers are empty.

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