Meet Mrs. Depression

Meet Mrs. Depression - Marion Davies
Marion Davies

I am almost sick of trying.
Stuck in this place,
a tiny space.
My mental is broken.
I wish I was joking.
There’s no sense in denying.

Agony long takes me over.
I am trying to stay sober,
but while staring at these walls
all day and night,
nothing ever changes …

It gives me such fright.
I reach for a bottle,
drink till it’s gone.
Blur out my sorrows.
I remember saying …
It’s not always
gon’ be like this,
in a song.

So long ago now
and it’s the same
No it’s worse now.
Feels like I’m running up a steep hill.
That gets higher and higher …

I run it up,
trying to reach the top.
But I fall back so hard
you can loudly hear the plop.
I’m waiting and waiting for something to change.
I feel like I’ll be waiting,
till I’m middle aged.

What’s happiness?
I don’t know that anymore.
I don’t go out.
Go shopping
or to any stores.

I don’t get the pleasures of life
that surely one should endure.
Asking for handouts
I can’t survive on my own.

Crying to myself
but smiling through it on the phone.
I can’t let them know the truth.
That I’m drowning.
With no hope to be loose.
Loose of the sorrow.
Loose of my pain.
Loose of this shit that haunts me daily.

A constant complaint.
My energy is fading.
My light is almost out.
I don’t think anyone sees me
although I am crying out.

Just look at my life.
Since I was younger
nothing but grief and strife.
How does one make it?
I need to know!

Every day I see people
their lives are a show …
I feel left behind,
where did my life go?

  1. Avatar of Joyce White
    Joyce White says

    Been there. Done all of the above. Found keeping busy doing something you love, makes even the saddest lives more palpable.

  2. Avatar of nancyducidenofio
    nancyducidenofio says

    Hi – You have a great deal of bounce to your writing and I enjoy reading writing that has music. Thanks for sharing. Nancy

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