March – Into the Light


brandenburget-tor - March - Into the Light

Yesterday – brown grass, dried flowers, naked trees,
layered with white snow and ice – week after week,
tightly packed, shedding few tears.

March has brought a dancing moon to our daylight –
it follows me into darkness; a pathway of miniature
light sparkles from earth as if winters toil is talking
to the stars; everything comes alive.

Trees are still shivering, restlessly moving without their
overcoat – inches of ice kept them still – wounded many
precious limbs.

March shall usher in a warmer day as slivers form on
earths crust and streams of water wash away the dreadful
signs of winter.

All things living are now pleased; days linger – every
glimpse of light, longer. Crisp air cuts through branches;
legs and limbs – suffer – still. A mighty gust of wind has
stifled against a pane of glass.

In the distance a bird sings – further, another answers.
A red breasted Robin rests against cold bark – flutters its
wing’s – feeling a full sun – healing, yesterday.

Today, a full moon dances by day – night is shorter.

  1. Avatar of MistyAllen
    MistyAllen says

    This is EXCELENT!! I love the imagery! Well done! Also, the moon is one of my favorite things!

  2. Avatar of Joyce White
    Joyce White says

    I’m a fan. Imagery speaks. Your poems always leave me wanting more.

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