Love is a Woman


A poem to Men on Mother’s Day…

love is a woman
Love is not sex, that is a modern confusion

Sex is lust, and lust has its place, its role to play
Men have to learn to love, it is not masculine
Lust is manly, macho, the instinctual way
To seek pleasure, release the energy within
Love is not lust, the two differ like night and day

Love is a Woman, selfless and kind, mindful thought
Instance of care, calculation of opposites
Not all Women are love made, some are merely bought
But all have within them the primal deposits
That they need not learn, for they are innate, untaught
The tiny heart beats of subtle mathematics

Love Women – they are your sisters, wives and daughters
Love them, for they are preciously rare and fleeting
Love Women – they are your aunts and your grandmothers
Love them, for they are few in the cruel world seeking
Your happiness first, your dreams, your safety, your cares
Love Women – they are your unrivaled good Mothers

Love is the selfless true biology of trust
A cycle of the moon and the sun fertile with care
Within a woman there is that kernel of dust
The pinch of God’s difference in Eve, lighter than air
He breathed into Woman part of creation’s gust
And looked at Adam and said “Love her if you dare!”

Love Women – they are a gift from God and all Life
Do not waste the divine endowment on mere play
Let your man’s heart be cut out with a butcher’s knife
Love them with all your might, on each and every day
Love your grandmother, sister, daughter, aunt and wife
But first, love your Mother, and be sure to so say.

  1. Andrew J. Sacks says

    Beautiful and sensitive work, Konrad. Thank you again!

  2. Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Konrad, thanks for this submission here – and I believe you furnish the work and words which would make a peaceful world in many ways. Sincerely, Nancy (Hope to connect in a few months. Keep writing.)

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