Love Rewarded


It was night, not pleasant, not bad,

She waited for her gayest lad,
For it was him who she cared about,
For he was who she couldn’t stay without.

Minutes and seconds, like heartbeats, ticked by,
She waited, pale and shy.
Yet there was no sign of him to come,
Snow fell, and she longed to be warm.

Seconds and minutes turned to days,
She waited, anyways.
But he didn’t come, and his last words haunted her, filled her with pain,
But she didn’t give up to wait…again.

Sunny days returned,
He didn’t turn.
She got tired of waiting, yet she decided to stay,
She couldn’t bear him to be away.

Finally, one evening, peace returned and so did he.
Forgiveness he begged for in tearful plea.
‘O my beauty, I was so wrong,
But you never gave up on love melodious song.’

She smiled, her pain disappeared,
With her lovely smile towards him she neared.
‘Although we are apart,’ said she,
‘We were far, broken, but we’re still “we”.
And don’t you go away again,
This time I won’t survive the pain.
But alas, I thank for God’s helping hand,
He returned my life, my husband.
And we shall no more lie,
Together we stay, and die.’

He stroked her ever so gently.
‘My love, but do forgive me.
All the words I threw,
I take back from you.
Miss you I did from bottom of my heart,
You are my one and only mate in the earth.’

Pressing her finger against his lips,
As he slipped his hand through her waist and hips,
Ever so lovingly, they embraced in bliss,
Locked in a gentle kiss.

‘Don’t you speak of it ever,
And we’ll last forever.
God shall look over at me and you,
And oh, I love you too.’

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