Love Notes


Love Notes

Love Notes

It is not silly,
when you fall in love
and see the sun
in his eyes
and your heart skips a beat
it is happiness
when the air
feels scented
because somewhere
in the wide world
someone loves you too
make a lace
of each golden thread
that the sun weaves
round your heart
it is not silly
when you know
above all else
you need nothing
to fall in love.
Just Perfect!
We pled love,
he called me a witch,
I tickled his fancy,
I danced to his dandy,
we stayed in a clinch.

In gurgling streams,
a perfect garden,
a troth was made
never to fade
he called me a witch
that stole his thunder!

In flowered dreams,
the years rolled by,
the endearments took a hue,
from the many frets,
when natured served us hets
as lessons of love
his eyes took a shine,
to varied shapes askew,
that taunted our troth.
if only I was truly a witch!
I would weld his wanderings!

Just One Look

Across the room
there was no name;
to the emotion;
the air was thin;
my breath was strained,
my knees became jellies,
took an eternity,
to complete my breadth,
that was lodged between my breast.

He walked away,
as I turned away,
from the darkened door
to my bright happiness

Never saw him again;
each morning though;
I remember with pain;
the sun that went away at dawn.


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