Love: It’s What I Do


My heart and mind are open

but my soul is still hiding
only peering out to see the light
but not stepping into it
I love blindly
and blindly I have been destroyed by those
that attach themselves to my love
only to be reborn under that same influence
I wish and hope and pray for love to find me
and several times over in this life it has
only to turn around and slap me in the face
so I am leery
jarred into a silence
only broken by me
I am love
in its purest form
and most people have never even seen
let alone felt what my type of presence brings
it is a blessing to say the least
but a burden to carry if not allowed freedom
I feel so many things
seen so many dreams
turn into other folk’s reality
its heavy
weighted down within me
so I swim on the inside
digging through the mind of me
evaluating time and time again my
I am freedom
I am reason
I am light
I am movement
I am sound
I am love…lived out loud
and everyone cannot and will not embrace my spirit
but my message has been made clearer to me by the Creator
pay forward
and reap later…
so I am ascertaining what it is to trust
my deepest urges
and my soul’s voice
if it is that I have loved you
trust your life will never be the same
there will not be another that will treat you
as only I can

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