Love In 2015


Love In 2015

Love In 2015

Barely breathing.
I can’t think
My thoughts escape me.
You serenade me with beautiful lies
I love looking into your beautiful eyes.

To feel feelings perhaps that I never felt.
Craving your touch your lips upon mine, but wait… let’s not rush.
Can we agree?
Is it too late?

Did we pass lines to set us on another course?
Where lust overpowers all there’s no love or no hope…
I told you I see you – you said you see me…
Was I just being dumb?

Caught up in a quarreling fantasy?
Day until night your breath on my ear,
I can see your face clearly wrapped in my endless everything,
Wish you were here… take me, I whisper,

Surely, your voice echoes across space and time.
I close my eyes I’m by your side.
You love me quite well, make me feel like there’s no one else,
I could almost hate you.

You cast a spell
Wake me up from it please,
Is this heaven
Or hell?

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  1. Avatar of curmudgeon
    curmudgeon says

    I enjoyed this poem very much lady. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

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