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Love Child

See – In this oven,

a love child.
embers scar –
Mamas’ heartbreak,
Daddies’ dish rag.

See – a knife, that
cut the cord,
slowly, kill a child.

See – Mamas’ a
milking machine
and Daddy his
knuckle’s raw.
Anger built
these walls,
bruised a child’s heart.

See, carved on
skin, red as embers –
time after time
a twisted mind.

Their children live on
yesterday’s bread
inside flea
infested shacks;
no shirt
on their back.

See – Mama
lost a child,
who sucked its’
thumb –

See – Mama,
told, no one
she would abort
this child.
At home,
Daddy said,
“Sweep yesterdays
dirt, across the floor.”

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