Los Angeles – a Sonnet


As we live in our coffins of concrete,

Blinded by surrounding ivory lights;

Woken from drug induced comatose sleep–
–by gun-shots in the middle of the night;

Breathing an atmosphere of smog, carbon–
–and carcinogenic particulates;

Deafened by listening to the traffic,
And perpetual buzz of clogged freeways. . .

We scream to hear the absurdity and–
–the madness of universopolis;

While angels of death carry us away,
Our tired and hellbound souls cry and sway;

While the city sleeps with an uneasy–
–but well deserved slumber, of dark nightmares.

November 13, 1991 – Konrad Tademar

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  1. Avatar of Gene Muffay
    Gene Muffay says

    Utterly gloomy but heartbreakingly beautiful!

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