Look In The Mirror


Look In The Mirror

Look In The Mirror

I reflect upon the argument.
My surprised anger hiding tears.
What do you think I’m made of?
Am I allowed no feelings here?

After years of quiet compliance,
Giving all to none who give,
Now suddenly they’re insulted
I chose to stand and live.

The ones who enjoyed controlling me
Want to keep me on their shelf.
You know, I liked you before,
You’re a different person now.

Your brain needs fixing.
Can’t you see you’re not okay?
All the while they use me up,
Determined to keep me in my place.

The Pretenders.
They blindfold,
Eager to play their master games.

Nothing close to honesty,
Their BS is still the same.
Today I let my voice be heard.

The glass, it cracked; they gawked in awe!
How dare you speak to us like that,
You evil person that you are!

I smiled a smile and then proceeded
To tell the ugly truth.
They screeched and yelled
Said, “What the hell?

What pain you put us through!”
I gathered up the broken glass,
Careful not to get cut again.

Placed the pain in their hands,
With a confident, defiant grin.

Take a look for yourself,
But I doubt you’ll see your flaws.
Your souls look like broken glass
And fear,
Your mirror

  1. Avatar of Patty Wiseman
    Patty Wiseman says

    Another wonderful poem by Misty Allen reflecting anger, adversity, and ultimate survival! Well done!

  2. Avatar of MistyAllen
    MistyAllen says

    Thank you, Patty Wiseman!

  3. Avatar of Steve
    Steve says

    Freedom. A fresh breath. Yesm

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