Lonely People


lonely, Lonely People
Sad to find no pleasure

from one to smile back –
or a gentle touch –
as fingers swipe across
ones’ face

people – back away
tremble inside – yelling
without telling – please
step aside

lonely for those people
who stare from a window
waiting patiently for a
sign of life

once frolicking inside
ones’ home with friends of
friends and relatives – now

how chasing a butterfly
or watching a grasshopper
made children shudder –
when spiders crawled

life becomes empty
when you are one –

waiting in silence for
one – only one
to return
from dust.

  1. andrea anderson says

    Very touching!

    1. Nancy Duci Denofio says

      Thank you Andrea for taking the time to read my work, it is appreciated. Sincerely Nancy

  2. Claudette Walker says

    So calm in its reality. Just lovely, Nancy!

    1. Nancy Duci Denofio says

      Thanks Claudette, it is wonderful to dream, although dreams can come true.

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