Light On The Water


Light On The Water

Light On The Water

I close my eyes blocking out the sun. Its warmth drenches me.
Slips its way around my quivering bones and flosses my joints.
I am not by any means a child of the sun; I like to be cool and shaded.
But today I welcome each beaming ray and feel my soul slightly connected. The breeze lifts my hair and in doing so my spirit does gallop.
Winding in and out of each strand only to rest it again softly on my shoulders.
The grass is fragrant in the air and firm beneath my feet.
Each blade reminds me that I am planted. I am not floating.

In this exact moment, I have substance and a core.
This time is precious and I cling with greed to each singular moment.
As they never last long enough for me.
And as they always do, the tides of my emotional balance turn and on those unpredictable currents, the conflict begins.

I feel the hurt as it trickles in, between the light and the dark.
Slivers of delicate agony sluice through my harbored thoughts.
A cloud skitters in, masking the sun.
The politics of my life are diametrically diverse and their pressures do accumulate.
Tossing the tiniest of pebbles onto an already tremulous load feels like rocks gathering weight to become boulders as they settle in among the rest.

I teem with ideas of cutting loose, however solidly I am anchored to this life.
It’s strange that I smile when the truth is I’m hurting, so crowded in by my thoughts.
I think if I don’t smile I may just shatter into a million beaten pieces.
I’m scared to fall away, to flash my picture forward, to stay where I am, to move…even in the slightest.

I feel wretched and abandoned. I bastardize myself.
I can’t let anyone in, what would they think if they knew that I’m distorted and repulsive?
Mirrors reflect my imperfections, announcing my shortcomings on sight.
My secrets fertilize my self-destruction, they harvest my self-hate.
Their crops are the thoughts that remind me of my shames.

Like the thorn of a rose, so I am to this life.
I blemish the idea of beauty and innocuously hold the power to inflict pain.
The sun has turned black; cooling my skin and locking up my muscles.
The wind has picked up and now screams in my ears.
The grass waxes brown, dying with each flickering pass of my eye.

My thoughts consume me, piercing me through and through. I lack, I repent, I fall short, I endure, I reach out, I stumble, I laugh, I sob, I cut, I dissolve, I exist, I rejoice, I cry out, I hurt, I fail, I accomplish, I love, I leave, I give up, I stay, I persevere, I relate, I fear, I stand, I fall, I manage, I crash, I burn, I balance.

But above all of this…I conquer, I bypass myself on this kaleidoscope journey. I’m here. I’m alive. I am one more light on the water.

  1. Avatar of Ermelinda Weisberger
    Ermelinda Weisberger says

    Thanks for the interesting poem! May I ask where you got your initial idea from?

  2. Avatar of Jaye Keliiholokai
    Jaye Keliiholokai says

    Palmer Wanat

  3. Avatar of Stephanie StoneMerrick
    Stephanie StoneMerrick says

    Hi Ermelinda 🙂 I’ll be honest…I wrote this in the hospital after a suicide attempt. That may not be PC to just throw out there, but it is the truth.

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