Light and Fire


Light and Fire

Midnight – alone –
I stand as eyes bleed – flashes of
fire corrupt sight.

Limbs stiff – as if dragged
in time on frozen earth –
yet blistering skin.

Eyes stare – heads tilt, as
if to question a silence
inside my head – a strange
ringing – growing stronger,
my train of thought

No sound heard, or has one
been to taste fire on their
lips – beyond a crossing
upward near a mountain’s
peak. And feel skin turn
cold – and pain disappears.

A distant ball of light
explodes – now few  
chosen to observe –
only those to hear
sounds of voiceless

A space where earth opens,
– time stands still –
a world of many moons where
darkness soars beyond a mere

flashing light.

Someone – will find me in this

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